Project Žnjan, Split


The residential building in Žnjan is extraordinary in many respects. Fundamenta d.o.o. as the investor wished to create a building that would surpass everything that has been done so far in this region in terms of quality.

In this luxury urban villa, there are seven comfortable apartments. The living rooms are double-oriented, and the large windows and balconies ensure plenty of sun, offering a unique view of the sea. Each of three single-room and four double-room apartments comes with a balcony and garage – nine altogether – and maximum comfort is ensured by the panoramic façade lift that extends from the garage to each floor. Its top quality SIEMENS components ensure safe and secure operation while offering a beautiful view of the mountains of Mosor, Kozjak and Biokovo.

Taking into consideration the demands of modern living, the living room, the kitchen and the dining room are connected into a single unit. The apartment is double-sided, providing maximum light.

Our building is the first residential construction in this region with a ventilated façade that enables better insulation, prevents the spread of fire and extends the life-cycle of the building. The final touch on the façade are Marazzi ceramic tiles that enhance the aesthetic value of the building, while protecting the façade from atmospheric influences and contributing to the sound and thermal insulation of the building.

Financing through Zagrebačka banka d.d.



In order to provide the best quality to the buyers, we opted for a low-energy building – an energy-efficient and cost-effective building that meets high environmental standards due to the rational use of energy sources and low consumption of energy. In construction, special attention was given to sound and damp proofing and to protection from external high or low temperatures, the latter contributing to the reduction in heating and cooling expenses.

Air conditioning in the building was designed using the air-air heat pump which transfers the solar energy accumulated in the outside air into thermal energy. The radiators installed in the apartments are almost completely silent, easy to maintain, do not cause allergies, and they respond to the change of room temperature three times faster than standard radiators.

The buyers get a completely furnished apartment – all apartments are equipped with the basic infrastructure – and they are also offered the option of choosing complete furnishing and finishing. The apartments are equipped with 6-chamber PVC carpentry that provides excellent thermal insulation and sound proofing, and top-quality Marazzi ceramics is used for the bathrooms. All other interior decoration elements are installed after consulting with buyers, which results in a unique apartment accommodated to their needs. The project designer helps with the selection and designs each interior in cooperation with the owner and according to their specific wishes.

The future owners are able to choose from a wide range of options that make life more comfortable and safer, and they can also turn their apartments into smart apartment. Such an apartment offers the tenants comfort and safety that far extends those of the classically-built apartments because electronic devices connected into a single system enable easy management of lighting, heating and cooling, shutters, sound and video equipment, as well as the safety systems.

The buyers will get the idea of the final look of the apartment by visiting the example apartment, fully furnished in accordance with our designer’s ideas.

A Word from the Head Architect

The Žnjan construction project is in many respects an extraordinary and unusual project. The beautiful location above the Žnjan beach in Split with the view of the whole Brač Channel demanded something more and better. The investor also wanted a building that would surpass everything that has been done so far in this region in terms of architectural and technical quality.

Comfortable apartments entered from the lift that leads from a spacious garage offer the right measure of city life in a 7-apartment building. Double-sided living rooms with large windows, and balconies provide plenty of sunshine and a unique view of the sea.

The investor’s wish to use the high-quality ventilated façade added to the aesthetic pleasure of living in our building.

It was a great pleasure to design this project and to cooperate with the investor all the way to the last detail.

Ana Dora Bego Lovrinčević, M.Arch.

A Word from the Mechanical Engineer

As a result of growing environmental awareness and resource efficiency, new technologies of heating and cooling have increasingly been used in construction projects which, in addition to its positive environmental effect, pay special attention to the safety and comfort of the user. Modern heating and cooling systems can no longer be slow and inert; they must quickly and safely respond to all changes in temperature – it is relatively easy to warm or cool a building, but it is difficult to keep the temperature in living spaces constant.

We have, therefore, decided to install JAGA ventilator convectors which comply with the Act on Efficient Energy Use in Immediate Consumption and the Technical Regulation on the Rational Use of Energy and Thermal Insulation in Buildings, providing a state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems in accordance with the aforementioned legislation.

I am proud of being part of this project, which enabled me to use my creativity and experience gathered in a number of past projects and to combine it with my passion for ecology and aesthetics.

Deni Popović, M.Mech.Eng.

A Word from the Engineer – Energy Performance Certifier and the Designer of the Ventilated Façade

The building at Žnjan is not only recognizable for its architectural vision marked by visible tonalities of the ventilated ceramic façade as the outer layer, but also for its remarkable thermal insulation properties present only in façade technical solutions that are characteristic of low-energy homes.

On the other hand, as part of the façade, the windows and balcony walls were executed with top quality 6-chamber PVC window systems glazed with insulating glass with low-E thermal coating, equipped with an electromotor, enabling the automatic lifting and drawing of aluminium thermal shutters which ensure optimum protection against undesirable thermal effects of the sun during the summer, along with maximum comfort and pleasure of living.

Without doubt, the architectural design and proper positioning of the building in space considering the daily movement of the sun, technical performance of the façade, ventilated façade and windows, with top-quality heating and air conditioning and home automation systems, allowed for designating this building as A energy class, which is not common to our construction practice.

Mr.Sc. Miro Bugarin, M.Eng.